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    Network For More Online Matches

    I generally wanted to start this thread for anyone in this fairly new Scourge Universe having issues finding matches online.
    I myself haven't had one online match as of yet. So if Tragnarion Studios will grant my thread permission. I would like
    to officially make this for Scourge fans such as myself to help jumpstart the match making community by listing their
    gamertag. Hopefully by doing this we can connect more players to set up matches(via friend requests). If anything you
    will get a friend invite from me.

    My gamertag is o1NEINTHACHAMBERo

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    Hi BoomEffectXT/o1NEINTHACHAMBERo,

    Since a couple of different threads have been started for this purpose, I've created a new one and made it sticky in the XBLA section. Please see the new thread titled "Add your GamerTag here". I've taken the liberty of adding your name already.

    Kind regards,

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